Our Physical World, Digitized

The expanding realm of connected devices that comprise the Internet of Things are making way for a programmable world, one that is intuitive, predictive and optimized. At UCEC SMART, we leverage our 60-year legacy of building quality custom control panels to deliver the control panel of tomorrow; a panel that can:

  • Optimize operations within a factory
  • Improve public transit
  • Connect a smart home
  • And more

Our panels have been installed in a variety of industries, including oil and gas; food and beverage; mining and minerals; and power generation. Our deep expertise in multiple industries and our commitment to new technology make us the ideal partner for your next smart panel project.

UCEC Certifications

  • 508A Industrial Control Panels (UL 508A, File # E85221.)
  • 698A/NRBX Industrial control panels with intrinsically safe circuit extensions to Class I Groups A, B, C and D, Class II, Groups E, F, and G and Class III hazardous locations. (UL698A NRBX, File # E474991).
  • NNNY Industrial control panels located in Class I Division 1 Explosion-Proof and Purged/Pressurized Type X and Division 2 Purged/Pressurized Type Z and Nonincendive hazardous locations (NNNY, File # E474990).

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UCEC SMART is a Division of UCEC, a preferred panel partner in the industrial sector for more than 60 years.

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