How to Overcome Your Fears about Smart Tech and Embrace a More Efficient, Productive and Predictive Future

In 2019, we are living in a very technologically advanced time. If it feels like technology is advancing faster than ever, it’s because it is. Ten years ago, smartphones didn’t exist. Perhaps a more astonishing fact is that the first personal computers only arrived about 40 years ago. And now it seems nearly everyone has a handheld computer in their pocket or a smart device strapped to their wrist. The technological progress in computer chips is well known and their  increasing capacity is famously explained in Moore’s Law– the idea that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years. However, this progress isn’t unique. A range of other technologies also demonstrate similar exponential growth resulting in capabilities across the board increasing exponentially for less cost in a matter of decades.

Source: Our World in Data

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, wary or unable to keep up with these changes, you aren’t alone. Technology and science journalist Peter Griffin stated “the rate of technological change is now exceeding our ability to adapt.” Just one decade ago, we didn’t have smart phones, Twitter, Airbnb or Kindle. Now, at the advent of smart tech, it’s understandable why some consumers and industries are hesitating. After all, alongside all these advances in technology are increases in technologically-enabled crime such as data breaches and identity theft.

“Nobody wants to get hacked or have their data taken,” explains UCEC Smart Director Garrod Massey, “People tend to think that the more tech you implement, the more it’s going to track you on a personal basis and the more likely you are to be a victim of one of these cyber crimes.”

A Smart Solution: No Tricks, Just Treats

At UCEC Smart, our focus is to provide solutions that are going to make a large impact with

minimal disruption. The tools we’re building focus on providing you with data to make better decisions about your workforce, power usage and maintenance schedules. As such, they don’t provide or ever capture any user-specific data. They also aren’t equipped with any action-taking abilities other than alarming and alerting.

“Simply put,” says Massey, “even if a hacker managed to get through the layers of encryption and security measures our panels are equipped with, they wouldn’t have access to any sensitive information or the ability to operate any tools or machinery. In a worst-case-scenario situation, the most a hacker could do is a data usage attack, where they send tons of data through our router to run up the bill. Being aware of that vulnerability allows us to protect against it. Our panels come equipped with data cap limits and trusted IP protocols.”

With these safety measures in place in addition to several levels of encryption and security, UCEC Smart has mitigated the risk of an attack significantly. “In weighing risks vs. rewards, our smart solutions definitely win out in the latter. They produce no surveillance, will increase your efficiencies and produce e very very minute data risk,” says Massey.  

Smart Not Spooky: The Benefits of Smart Tech

Smart technology can help you create a more efficient, productive and predictive reality for your business. The ability to capture more data than ever before empowers everyone from your field technicians to your C-suite officers to make better, faster, more informed decisions.

For example, UCEC Smart power line monitoring technology is eliminating the guess work. The Smart Line MonitorTM (SLM) devices help utilities diagnose the cause of outages by processing the clues provided in detailed event analytics. As a result, utilities will be able to locate outages quicker and get crews to an electric fault location faster to speed restoration for its customers.

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