UCEC is a panel shop that has always been committed to two basic principles: provide the best custom control panels and provide them at a fair price. Part of being the best means not being staid. Finding more efficient and more innovative ways to build our panels is a mandatory challenge we issue ourselves, one we’ve risen to time and time again.

Today, sixty years after we first opened our doors, our dedication to this core value has led us to launch a whole new division: UCEC SMART.

Introducing UCEC SMART

The growing ecosystem of smart, connected devices and systems are transforming the way we live and work. Since the invention of relay control in the 1830s to improve telegraph machines, the control industry has been about connection. Connecting machines, systems and even people. UCEC SMART is the next step in the control industry’s journey to build a more connected world.

A world where cities have more intuitive solutions for public transit.
A world where our industrial and manufacturing jobs are safer and more efficient.
A world of greater economic growth and better quality of life.

We’re stepping into this future after being a preferred control panel vendor in almost every industry for 60 years. We’re stepping into this future to ensure we’re still one in 60 more.

Today through April 27 we’re focusing on making connections, in person ones, at the Hannover Messe. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @UCECSmart for the latest updates and direct message us on either of those platforms to schedule a time to chat about what solutions we can provide for you.

Didn’t make it to the trade show? Shoot us an email on our contact page to talk about your next smart panel project.