Scaleable Deployment & Smart Business Transformation to Improve Efficiencies and Increase Your Bottom Line

The writing is on the wall with digital transformation; It’s something every industry knows they need to embrace, but many leaders, especially of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), don’t know where to start. At UCEC Smart, we champion deployment of new technology to tackle known challenges for a low-cost, high-impact solution. Today, we’re reviewing five common manufacturing challenges and the IIoT solution that can help you tackle them.

The issue: Version Control & Disconnected Machines, Processes and People

IIoT Solution: Cloud-based Resource Planning

Integration between systems and processes used on your shop floor, by your suppliers and customers is key to keeping everyone aligned on every project. Enabling your employees with instant, up to date data empowers both better project management and better customer service. 

A cloud solution for your business processes provides everyone with instant collaborative access from anywhere. At UCEC, we’ve deployed one such solution to manage everything from our projects to our vendor and customer relations. 

The Issue: Downtime due to Maintenance

Solution: Predictive Maintenance Sensors


Predictive or preventative maintenance predicts when equipment failure might occur and avoids that failure(and its associated downtime) by alerting you to the need for maintenance. When a predictive maintenance system is working ideally, your business will be performing the lowest frequency of maintenance and avoiding unplanned downtime by eliminating reactive maintenance. 

To accomplish this, predictive maintenance uses condition-monitoring equipment to evaluate an asset’s performance in real-time. Deploying maintenance sensors throughout business-critical systems allows you to set thresholds for, capture and receive alerts for potential equipment failure markers such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermal imaging, and equipment observation.

The Issue: Safety

IIoT Solution: Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Shop safety is another area where deployment of IoT technology can save your business time and money. A digital twin is a bridge between the digital and physical world. It is basically a digital model of a physical object or system.  

Digital twins are one smart technology that have the potential to transform industry. When entire factories are twinned, the value for risk management is immense. Digital twin software can combine data streams from safety-critical systems, workers completing safety checks with mobile apps, and maintenance scheduling systems. From this a dynamic risk model can be built to assist plant operators to monitor risk controls and predict hazards in real time.

The Issue: Customer experience

IIoT Solution: Bots

Chat bot

As an SMB, customer experience is one of few remaining frontiers for differentiation with your competition. To more efficiently accommodate customer demands into quoting, design and customer service processes, consider making use of bots. Customer service bots can be pre-programmed with frequently asked questions and are AI enabled with skills such as product configuration, order taking and query handling which can allow companies to service customers more efficiently and scale quickly without adding more personnel.   

The Issue: Data Chaos

IIoT Solution: A Smart Partner

If you’ve already digitally transformed some of your equipment, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data your connected equipment is producing. We’ve talked before about deploying appropriately scaled IoT solutions for your SMB, but you still might find yourself unsure of how to wade through the data your smart solutions are capturing.

Partnering with a Smart consultant can save you time and money upfront by helping you deploy the right IoT solutions that will have long term impacts on your business. Ready to embrace digital transformation, but not sure where to start? Contact us today to learn how you can digitally optimize your manufacturing business. 

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