Our recently launched suite of Business Analytics capabilities can enable any business that operates in a physical space to operate with better data and an improved customer experience. In addition to providing automated COVID-19 compliance solutions, these business analytics tools can measure customer shopping patterns, understand in-store behavior, capture demographic data, preferences and even evaluate the performance of zones in your establishment– all without compromising customer privacy. 

For a deeper understanding of these smart solutions, today we’re highlighting three resources that can help you see these tools in action and begin envisioning the power they have to transform your business. 

1. Optimizing Store Displays for Traffic & Sales

Solution: Traffic Analytics and Zone Performance

Are your physical locations and displays performing as well as they could? This was the question of Media World, Italy’s number one consumer electronics retailer.

The challenge was knowing how many visitors entered the store, what traffic was generated by the ad campaign designed to highlight the zone, and what percentage of this traffic converted into a sale.

Beabloo’s Traffic Analytics solution provided all of these answers and created opportunities for new efficiencies throughout Media World’s stores. See the power of data-driven decision making in this case study. Download now. 

2. How Digitizing Physical Spaces Creates a Better Customer Experience (& Increases Sales)

Solution: Audience Analytics

Brick and Mortar isn’t dead, but it needs the help of smart tech to survive. 

Digital transformation can help your consumers bridge the online and offline experience through exceptional customer experience digital strategy.  Digital displays can enhance the customer experience. And when those digital displays are powered by Beabloo, they also come equipped with a powerful analytics engine that captures the anonymous demographic information of your customers. Providing a better experience for your customers while acquiring critical insights for your business’s continued success? Now that’s smart technology. 

Read more about how you can optimize your physical spaces in this white paper. 

3. Grow Brand Awareness & Consumer Insights with Interactive Displays 

Solution: Audience Analytics

Asics had a brand challenge: To successfully launch a new product across multiple international locations. Their FootID product was launching in international markets across multiple retail brands. To help ensure a successful launch, they turned to Beaboo’s interactive in-store displays to enhance their customer’s experience and guarantee consistent messaging. 

Bonus? This solution captures critical customer data to help establish best practices, build more accurate brand personas and guarantee ongoing marketing and sales wins. Read more about how Asics deployed Beabloo’s Business Analytics Suite to secure a successful launch and better sales outcomes. 

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